By Kristian Bediiako

Science always denies spiritual truths, therefore, allow me to enlighten you regarding certain truths of life which many people have no knowledge and many people will deny.

To understand a transgender person, one has to understand reincarnation.

Life is about coming on Mother Earth in order to raise the vibration of Mother Earth to the highest vibration possible – LOVE.

Unbeknown to many, whatever one does on Earth serves the teaming life in the Universe. Reincarnation in its simplest form can be summed up as a return to Earth in order to make amends for whatever one sowed in their last life.

In this process of reincarnation, every single human being takes turns either as a man or woman. So, for a number of reincarnations, a person is a female then that person decides to change gender and become a male for however many incarnations that person decides upon.

A transgender person is a person who is swapping sex between reincarnations.

So a male looking like a female and behaving like a female is choosing to be a female in their next incarnation. A female looking like a male and behaving as a male is choosing to be male in their next incarnation. It is like an actor studying and researching into the part they are about to play.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a transgender person, all in the process of evolution.