Journey Home CD1a


After many years living abroad, the decision has been arrived at that if I was meant to live overseas for all of my life I would not have returned to Mother Earth as an African, as such, the time has come for a man to return to his Motherland and serve his true purpose of coming onto Mother Earth — to help raise the vibration of the Motherland to ASCENSION STATUS and bring LOVE, LIGHT, HEALTH, WEALTH, UNITY and JOY to all life forms.

This album is a culmination of all the knowledge, wisdom and love gained in all my travels around the world and is dedicated to all the beautiful people met on my travels and also a celebration of my return home.

1 Mumude Special

2 City Of Mosquitoes

3 Dance Dance Dance

4 Do You Really Love Me

5 Wanting Me No More

6 Back Home

7 Oh! Mama

8 Happy Birthday

9 A Bullet for a Soul – We Don’t Want War

10 Referee

11 The Sacred Song