4 The African Experience

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I was asked by the West Sussex Music Service to teach African drumming at the KS2 level in a number of schools in West Sussex but I managed to convince the management team that African music was not just about drumming but about drumming, dancing and singing and I was giving the freedom to come up with a curriculum to embody all these three aspects of African traditional music.

The music on this album are songs that I composed for this request.

1 Akwaaba (The song of greeting)

2 Fifi Drumming

3 Lala – Klogoh 1

4 Klogoh 2 – Klogoh 3

5 Osey Yei

6 The Song Of Fun

7 Mama Papa Shabadam – Womba

8 Can I Scare You

9 African Freedom – Fire Angel

10 Ayiko

11 United As One

12 Yawie