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By Kristian Bediiako

As is usual, many people will ask: “How did you come about this truth?”

There are many evolved souls who have returned to Earth who have tried to teach Humans to awaken to the TRUE POWER which lies within each and every single Human on Earth, but the alien agenda has been to either eliminate these evolved souls or to misinterpret and hide the true meaning and understanding behind the teachings of these great Teachers.

How many people reading this article have heard the saying: “Seek and thou shall find, ask and thou shall be giving?” And what do you think is the meaning behind this saying? What does one have to seek and what is it that one has to find?

What one has to seek is THE GOD WITHIN and what one will find is the absolute POWER which lie within you – the ability to turn water into wine, the ability to walk over water, the ability to create anything from nothing, the ability to understand the phrase MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

No one comes on Earth without spiritual help from the Creator. As such, every single human being has at least 2 invisible guides (many more). Because this planet is the only planet in the Universe with “free choice,” that is, we are allowed to do whatever we like, by spiritual law, the folks back Home are not permitted to interfere in whatever we are doing without one asking. So one might even be contemplating ending one’s life because of what one might consider as an insurmountable problem, however, the solution to your insurmountable problem is ALWAYS known to one’s Higher Self and Guides but because of the spiritual laws surrounding the game of life, one’s Higher Self and Guides will NOT interfere until ONE ASKS FOR HELP!

So regarding myself, troubled by what was happening around me, I ASKED FOR ANSWERS and what you are reading and will read in all the articles I have written are some of the answers I have received. This is what in the esoteric world is known as “channelling.” Many will doubt the efficacy of this statement but the only way to test it is for you, the reader, to try it.

Again many will say, “How do you know you are not making it up?”

Many people in their belief of a God will pray to God in their hour of need but if one prays to God how does one receive an answer? MEDITATE.

Meditation is not an art which is difficult. Prayer is asking, meditation is LISTENING and getting the answer to what you have asked for. Ask for whatever you want, find a quiet place, sit down quietly and you will be amazed what will come into your mind. Mind is the total sum of what one thinks.

The first thought that comes into your mind is the TRUE answer to whatever you have asked for. That answer will NOT be an answer that will cause harm to you or any other body. If it is an answer which causes harm then it is YOU MAKING IT UP. Remember when you ask any such question you are going back to Source who is all LOVE. So only an answer which embodies LOVE is the true answer.

Take the first thought coming into your mind as your answer, any other thought which does not enhance the first thought is your intellect coming into play and reject it. With practice you will be amazed what you will be able to achieve.

Don’t forget, ALL THE HOLY BOOKS ON EARTH WERE ALL CHANNELLED and GOD HAS NO FAVOURITES!!! You are just as likely to receive messages from God as anyone else and the message will be pure the more you vibrate at the vibration of LOVE, that is, you have no evil tendencies.

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