By Kristian Bediiako

There are 2 brains in your body. The first is the brain in your head which has been extensively studied by the medical profession.

This brain is the computer of the body. Its primary work or function is to remember all that goes on in your life and to give instructions to the various parts of your body to enable the body to work properly and efficiently so that the body can survive. So for example, you see danger ahead and, through experience, the brain will tell you how to avoid that danger either through running away from the danger or facing the danger and fighting the danger.

Another example is that a hot surface or fire burns so you avoid these.

The brain regulates all the activities of the body: heart, lungs, digestion, etc.

However, much as the brain is very efficient in learning through experience it can be very inefficient in many ways, as for example, it cannot regrow a limb; it does not know when a virus or disease affects the body until pain arises.

There is, however, a second brain in the body, NOT physical, known to the medical and scientific community but not yet understood by them and not yet studied in detail by them.

This brain is known as Innate. Innate is NOT in 3D, it is multidimensional or quantum, that is, it cannot be seen with the naked eye and exist in the 7 meters (approximately 25 feet) of the body that you are.

I have always stated that one of the most important subjects that must be studied from an early age in schools is DNA, not just the physical DNA but also the SPIRITUAL part of DNA.

Since Watson and Crick identified the 2 strands of DNA, it has been extensively studied by scientists and well understood by scientists. But unfortunately many scientists do NOT accept that God is the foundation of existence and, as such, the foundation of science.

Not that I blame these scientists as religion has infanticide God to such an extent that to a few the knowledge of God becomes laughable. But GOD IS NOT RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS. God should be removed from religious organisations for when this is done ALL PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND THAT THE FOUNDATION OF THE UNIVERSE IS GOD and in this understanding a great deal of TRUTHS become known which will give greater understanding to science, for science is GOD and GOD is science.

The reason I have touched on the subject above is that most scientists believe that there are ONLY 2 strands of DNA. This is far from the truth. There are 12 LAYERS of DNA, ONE that is seen and has been extensively studied as the 2 strands and 11 which are not seen.

Again many scientists do not believe in the existence of other life forms in this vast Universe we live in and believe life only exists on Earth, very limiting, very limiting indeed. Mark my word, one day science will discover that there are many other life forms in the Universe and they will also learn and discover that THE FOUNDATION OF ALL LIFE IS DNA.

Meanwhile, DNA contains all knowledge in the Universe and to name a few:

      How the Universe was created,

      How the Earth came into existence,

      How long life has existed,

      The purpose of life,

      How to heal the body without medicine, etc.

All these truths are hidden in the other 11 layers of DNA. I deviate from the topic of Innate in order for the reader to understand how science and religion have limited the belief system of people on Earth. For if we can open ourselves to the invisible, that is, that which is not seen, the advancement of humanity will make a gigantic leap.

DNA does not only contain knowledge of how an individual looks or the hereditary diseases inherent in the individual but also contains knowledge of a person’s entire history:

      How long a person has been on Earth?

      How many lifetimes.

      When a person will die.

     The diseases that will afflict the person.

     Who a person will meet and countless other truths.

All these truths are contained in the other 11 layers of DNA.

The DNA contained in each and every single cell is magnetic and creates a magnetic field around itself which is in confluence with all the other cells in the body. This magnetic field allows all the cells to communicate with each other so that all the cells know exactly what is happening in every other part of the body, that is, the tip of your hair knows exactly what is happening at the tip of your toe.

This magnetic field extends 7 meters (approximately 25 feet) around your body, so this is how big you are as a Human Being. Within this 7 meters that you are, are other bodies --  what is known as your Higher Self, your Guides which every Human Being has 2 or more, a piece of your departed family members -- mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunties, etc. and INNATE. Psychics do NOT communicate with the dead. They communicate with parts of one's departed family members which are in your energy field.

As stated above, the first brain which is located in your head is primarily for physical survival and efficient maintenance of your body.

The second brain, INNATE, is primarily for your SPIRITUAL survival.

Let me try and give you an understanding of what I mean by SPIRITUAL survival.

There have been many cases of people who have had their spinal cords severed at the neck or waist which means the brain cannot send information to other parts of the body, that is, heart, lungs, digestive system, etc. Yet all these organs are able to function without messages from the brain in the head. How is this able to happen?

This is where Innate comes into function.

Innate is NOT an organ in any specific part of the body that can be identified. INNATE IS IN EVERY SINGLE CELL IN THE BODY and communicates with every single cell through the magnetic field around the body, as such, when the brain in the head cannot send messages to other parts of the body, because the spinal cord is severed, INNATE takes over this responsibility and keeps all the other organs functioning perfectly by bypassing the nervous system and sending the necessary messages to organs to function perfectly.

The brain does not know when a disease or virus invades the body and only gets to know when pain surfaces in the body. However, Innate knows immediately a disease or virus surfaces in the body.

Innate is also responsible for healing of the body such as spontaneous remission which has been observed by the medical profession but is not understood. It is also responsible for re-growing of a limb.

The problem here is that because most of us do not know about Innate, we don’t know how to use it.

In the New Energy on the planet, New Truths are being giving to Humanity, as such, this knowledge about Innate. So how does one get Innate to work for one?

Innate is tied to reincarnation and is responsible for death.

What this means is this. As I have stated above, Innate’s primarily purpose is SPIRITUAL survival. It exists to ensure you grow in spirituality. Innate exist to ensure that you learn as much spiritual truths as possible in order to accelerate your ascension which after all, if understood, is what life is about.

Each lifetime one gains wisdom and knowledge. This knowledge is not lost and in each incarnation the knowledge and wisdom is carried into the next incarnation. What Innate does is to speed up your death so one can reincarnate as often as possible in order to gain more wisdom and knowledge for one to ascend.

Reincarnation is directly linked to what is known as karma. Karma is the energy of what one is on the planet to get rid of. This means lifetime after lifetime one accumulates problems with other people and in each lifetime we all reincarnate in groups in order to make amends for whatever we have sown. Karma comes under the control of Innate. So for example, Innate will ensure you meet the people you are karmically linked to and you are at the right place at the right time carrying out what you came on the planet to achieve.

So the first thing one has to do in order for Innate to work for you is to get rid of Karma.

This is done through affirmation, etc. but the best way is to see Innate as the best friend that you have and talking to it, that is how you get Innate to work for you. Talk to Innate as if you are talking to and advising a great friend. So below I list a few affirmations for one to use but again talk to Innate as if you are talking to or advising a great friend.

“Listen Innate, the energy on the planet has changed. The need to go by the old imprints I came on the planet with is over. Now I AM giving you new instructions. Why die and go back Home and then come back and have to go through all the uncertainties and hassles of life when I can now stay as long as possible and achieve even greater things to raise the vibration of Mother Earth and the Universe, which after all is the reason why I decided to come on Earth.”

“Listen Innate, there is no longer the need to speed up my return Home. I want to stay as long as possible even for the full 950 year cycle of the body without ageing, without disease.”

“Innate you know when something is going wrong in this body of mine so from now on let me know and become aware as soon as something goes wrong in my body so I can correct it.”

“Now that I AM aware of your existence make sure the communication between you and I is now direct and 100%.  Thanks for your cooperation and now let us work together for our highest good.”

“Listen to me Innate, longer lifetimes is the key to the planet's evolution!”

“Listen Innate, it makes logical sense that I could accomplish more on this planet if I don't have to be reborn and have to grow up all over again. So I now stay for the full 950 year cycle of this body of mine without ageing, without passing through the change called death, in pure and perfect health, in full abundance, in limitless prosperity, in infinite riches, in unlimited wealth, in phenomenal success, in divine blessings, without ego, without drama, without agenda, without pretence and without karma with the ability to regrow a limb.”

“Innate listen to me, spontaneous remission comes from you and I AM asking you for this spontaneous remission.”

“Innate listen to me, I NOW change your instruction set.”

What else can you add to the instructions to Innate? I shall be grateful to know with thanks.

A final note, if one drinks excessive alcohol, if one smokes or indulges in drug taking or any of the nefarious activities detrimental to the human body then this is telling Innate one does not want to live to the agreed time according to one's imprint and Innate will shorten one's life. One's imprint is the sum total of all that one agreed to carry out in this incarnation. So for example, one would arrive on the planet agreeing to stay on the planet for say 100 years but because that person took up smoking, an activity which the medical profession has finally accepted is detrimental to health, that person's lifespan could be cut by, say, 5, 10, 20 years or more depending on the power of an individual's mind.




I build a bridge to Innate through intuition and I AM my own medical intuitive

I now know what is going on in my body

I use my free choice to deprogram the instruction sets of Innate

I am done with the energy of the past. I drop my old karma. I move forward

Pure intent addresses my cells in a way that is so pure that the body sees it as truth and acts upon it

Free choice means I AM required to use my divine consciousness to direct Innate to move into the new energy

My DNA is working at full capacity 

The trillions of DNA molecules in my body are all in communication with each other, all the time











































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energy field








magnetic grid