In the quest for the purpose of life, a man had to go through many experiences and epiphanies and I came to realise that life is but a game being played by humans. The game appeared purposeless and pointless to a man and a man had to search deeper beyond buying plenty, eating and drinking as much as possible, eking out an existence for the good of the wealthy and all pretending we are having a great time going to wave at so-called celebrities as being the purpose of life and truly seek the TRUE PURPOSE OF LIFE.

In the process countless thoughts came to a man, many religions were visited, a man sat at the feet of so-called masters only to realise I was the greatest Master of all and in this search for TRUTH I gave my power to others and the following were my beliefs --anger, impatience, suspicion, fear, worry, doubts, lack -- what I NOW term THE OLD ENERGY with its limitations, no self worth, bowing to so-called bosses who only have their self interest at heart, bosses who accumulate as much wealth as they can and then tell you, with your pittance of a wage, that you are earning too much.

The foolishness of a man’s belief system was such that I had to seek another belief system.

My lyrics, prose and poems (lypropo as I came to call them) became my saviour. In the process of

trying to understand the incomprehensible, solace and peace came from my prose, my music and my lyrics, resulting in the epiphanies of epiphanies – THE SECRET OF LIFE.

For I came to the understanding that life is but a game being played by humans and the secret of life is that ONE MAKES UP THE RULES OF THE GAME AS ONE GOES ALONG or one follows the rules made up by another and the TRUE purpose of life was to find the LOVE OF GOD INSIDE OF ME AND CREATE PEACE ON MOTHER EARTH.

Lypropo are all the words that brought about this epiphany, that is, one individual’s understanding of life through his music and words.

In days gone by I would have said lay my truth beside your truth and if it touches your heart then accept it; if it does not then reject it.

However, in the NOW, I say my truth is your truth otherwise you will not have visited my Lypropo.

For even if what is written does not immediately touch your heart, then know ye that a “switch,” your inner self, has been turned on. So if not instantly then may be in days, weeks, months or years the LIGHT will shine from your heart -- the seat of your soul -- and an understanding will ensue as to why

you visited my Lypropo.

My Lypropo has been set up with the aim of uniting as one all who are in harmony with my truths in serving all life for the highest good of the Universes of GOD:

Our religion is one
Our politics is one
Our government is one
United as one
In all aspects of our lives
Which cause no division
We raise the vibration of Mother Earth
We raise the vibration of the Universe
Serving our purpose of incarnation

For as long as is possible I shall endeavour to put forth my truths to all who choose to access them via my website that you find yourself on.

Feel free to use any quotation of mine for personal use but NOT for profit, that is, NOT FOR SALE, and if you wish to pursue any topic in detail then e-mail me. I shall endeavour to acknowledge and reply to all e-mail received THAT ARE IN HARMONY WITH MY TRUTH

You are dearly loved.