By Kristian Bediiako

Your body is composed of numerous bodies but in this article I shall dwell only on the following bodies:


The physical body is what you see.

The mental body thinks for your physical body.

Your emotional body feels for your physical body.

The physical, mental and emotional bodies are suppose to work together in order to serve the Spiritual body which is the God part of you, the consciousness that allows you to see and understand all around you so you can accomplish whatever purpose you came on Earth to accomplish.

That purpose can be anything, to be a comedian, to be a dancer, to be the one who cleans the toilet, to be the inventor, etc.

In the ideal world, the purpose you came on the planet to accomplish will be whatever passion an individual has.

Primarily, our purpose on Mother Earth is to contribute to the highest good of every single individual, to do our utmost to ensure that society is at peace with itself, for the Universe exists to create life, so what can I contribute to ensure the continuance of life should be the prime consideration of every person.

In such consideration will come the understanding that every person comes on Earth to contribute to the highest good of every other person, therefore, each individual came with a specific ability or passion to serve the highest good of everyone.

That is, we all did NOT come on Earth to be the engine of the car. Some came as the piston, some came as the petrol tank, some as the tyres, some as the spark plugs and so on and all the different parts working in harmony with one another create the complete car that has no issues.

Since we all cannot be the engine of a car surely the importance within society should be to discover what part of the car each individual is to be and allow each to perform her or his essential part.

In the perfect world the part which each individual is to play in the “world car” will primarily be the passion which that individual shows and by passion is meant what is the person very good at doing? Whatever is that person’s passion is then that person’s part in the “world car” and because one shows a passion for doing whatever that person will enjoy whatever they are doing and not detest it as is happening in so many lives at the present?

If the society we belong to was also to recognize and give credit to the passion which one has come on the planet to contribute to the welfare of everyone, then the instability of the society in which we all live will not be there and the instability will disappear.

However, the educational system is such that the passion with which people came on the planet with in order to serve society for society’s highest good is not recognized or understood.

Rather we are all pooled together into what is called a school and regardless of your passion or ability, we are all expected to become the engine of the world car. We all have to be taught in a way that each and every single person is expected to gain an A+, in arbitrary chosen subjects by whoever, otherwise you are put at the bottom of the pile by society and excreted upon, that is, if you got an A+ then you deserve more of society’s cake than all the others who did not get an A+.

Imagine a school where teachers are taught to recognise student’s passion and the teachers nurture the passion of the student and allow the student to excel in their passion, just imagine.

But the system is based on money and the more money you have the greater the chance you become the greater decision taker and “ruin” as many lives as possible because you are where you are in order to perpetuate a system where A+ is valued more than the good an individual contributes to society.

The Spiritual body is perfect; it has no issues.

Initially, the physical, mental and emotional bodies are also perfect. Problems arise through the indoctrination by others who place their limiting beliefs on these 3 bodies.

The majority of people only know the physical body. Many are not even aware of the mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies.

The Spiritual body is the Creator part which all the others exist to serve and the purpose of life is for  you to come on Mother Earth, recognize the existent of the Spiritual body, know your passion and serve humanity for humanity’s highest good.

The Spiritual body has none of the limitations associated with the other 3 bodies. It is perfect and once recognized has the ability to achieve and accomplish anything.

The Africans have a belief that if you are perfectly coordinated then you are perfectly balanced, that is, you are walking on a high wall and because you are perfectly balanced you will not and cannot fall of the wall.

Immediately you go out of balance, uncoordinated, you come crashing down to Earth. It is as if you are trying to clap and you cannot bring your two hands together.

Because of this, BEFORE THE AGE OF PROFIT, most African societies considered music to be an essential part of life and every African child was brought up as a musician, to be perfectly coordinated, therefore balanced, and this balance was taken into every aspect of an adult life.

The individual was, therefore, balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By balance is meant, one’s four bodies working perfectly together and in harmony with each other. No illnesses in the body, one’s thoughts were in harmony with the society and its environment and one’s feelings towards others were for the highest good of life.

Even without knowledge of the Spiritual body, the physical body will work to sustain life, it will do its utmost to keep the body alive and as perfect as possible.

Imperfections set into the physical body through observation of the physical world and the influences of those around.

Let us take for example food. The physical body sees a hamburger and the mental body goes I wonder what that tastes like? The motional body then goes I wonder what that feels like in the mouth and the physical body picks up the hamburger and gobbles up the hamburger.

“God that was good,” says the mental body.

“Shall we have another one? No harm really in having another,” continues the emotional body and the physical body picks up another one and gobbles it up.

Then a supermarket comes along with the offer, “Buy one hamburger and get another free and the mental body goes, “Wow what an offer.”

“No harm in buying an extra one,” says the emotional body and before long a size 10 body needs a size 20 clothing.

The physical, emotional and mental bodies have worked together to throw a perfectly balanced body out of balance, resulting in an overweight individual with all sorts of health issues.

The Spiritual body is ONLY PERFECTION. Once you recognize it and accept it as your ONLY TRUTH, no imperfections or imbalances can be attracted to it or attached to it. It is forever perfect. It has the power to achieve anything, ANYTHING. It has NO LIMITATIONS. The ONLY limitation it has is how far you the RECOGNIZER OF WHO YOU ARE WANT TO TAKE IT!

Do you want perfect health? You can have it.

How long do you want to live for? The choice is yours.

How young do you want to look, 21, 30, 50? You can have it.

How wealthy do you want to be? The sky is the limit.


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