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By Kristian Bediiako

Over a period of 10,000 years, the people of the present day Earth also gained knowledge of the purpose of life, the discovery of the divinity within and as with the past civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis headed in the direction of abuse of the power they had gained led by kings and queens, religious organisations and governments, later followed by dictators, warmongers, financial institutions and multinationals.

However, in the 1960’s a great number of Angels arrived on the planet who decided to take a completely different path to the accepted beliefs existing and these new arrivals decided to bring the experiment to its final conclusion: not only to discover their divinity but also to go beyond and see how they can change the world with their new found power for the HIGHEST GOOD OF EVERYONE ON THE PLANET AND UNIVERSE and not just for a few wealthy individuals.

The reason this asteroid broke up in pieces was due not only to these new arrivals but also to a major event on Earth known as the Harmonic Convergence.

In August 16-17, 1987 an American named Jose Arguelles sent out a message to all who were seeking God, especially those people known as the New Agers for all to come together at a specific time to take a vow for all to do their utmost to CHANGE the direction in which the people on the planet were heading. In a nutshell this vow was basically meant for us to do our utmost to CREATE PEACE AND HARMONY ON EARTH.

In the process of asking all God seekers to take this vow they also asked for the Higher Selves of all people to take part in the taking of this vow. About 5% of all the people on Earth took part in the taking of this vow plus the Higher Selves of all the people on Earth, consciously or unconsciously. This whole event is known as the Harmonic Convergence and this event not only helped in the breakup of Myrva but also began the CHANGE in the whole of human history on the planet.

The Harmonic Convergence helped in the break up of Myrva as follows. Every 25 years there is a vibrational measurement of this planet in order to ascertain how far the people on Earth have evolved spiritually and the measurement in 1987 showed that the Earth had changed its vibration. The measurement showed the biggest shift in human consciousness ever seen on the planet. The people were ready to move from a 4th dimensional state of thinking, e.g., a state of strive, confrontation, war, materialism, violence, abuses, injustice, oppression, and all the other misdeeds enjoyed by humans into a multidimensional state of thinking, e.g., peace, harmony, balance, cooperation, compassion, love, unity, etc.

A new beginning had begun on Earth to the amazement of the rest of the Universe and the “invisible” government of the Universe decided to give Earth a second chance.

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