By Kristian Bediiako

I like the many millions around me completely “lost the plot of life.”

I was made to believe that life is about going to school, college and university, taking exams so one can get the highest possible grades and get the best-paid job so that one can order other people around to do the boss’ bidding.

I was told that life is about earning a living, being “a good Christian” or religious person, abiding by the rules of society which favours only those with money, finding myself a partner and getting a mortgage to buy a house (in other words getting myself into debt for the most part of my life), and happiness is buying as much as one can and heaven is selling plenty to make as much profit as possible. I was told that life is about growing old and then dying to leave all that I have struggled to acquire for my family and friends to squabble over. In between all this are the struggles of eking out an existence on poor wages, eating as much “death” food and drinking as much as one can of alcohol and beverages (all full of pesticides, herbicides and man made poisons which all accelerate one’s entry into a grave), WATCHING TV, reading magazines, books and papers (80% of which is owned by 6 companies who control all the news and information you hear, read AND WATCH), then advertising been more potent the more ignorant the consumer we go out and wave at so-called celebrities (what is wrong with some humans?), and after consuming all the pesticides, herbicides and man made


poisons we fall ill with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. and die.

In a nutshell, this brief summary is the “box of life” I was living in.

Since my 20’s, I have always said to myself: “Before my life can truly turn out to be different and perfect, there is something which I have to know,” and after many years of searching, NOW I KNOW what this statement was about!

FOR THOSE WHO KNOW: The purpose of life is:


That is, the purpose of life is to come here on Mother Earth and, amidst the turmoil and confusion, discover the God within and be able “to change water into wine and walk over water.”

But many will say, “I don’t want to walk over water or change water into wine!”

And I will add, with this ability one is able to manifest ANYTHING from thin air and be freed from the slavery which has been made our TRUTH.

And even, if you chose not to know this truth or accept it then for PEACE ON EARTH:

The purpose of life
Is to be able to show
Kindness at all times
That is
To truly love all humanity, all life
The sick, the poor

The weak, the rich
The arrogant, the difficult
The thief, the killer
Animal, mineral, vegetable
The list is unending

To show kindness at all times
That is the purpose of life

And through life after life
You remove all your weaknesses
Anger, impatience, irritability
Fear, worry, doubt
Disease, greed, selfishness
To make your body
The perfect Temple
In which the Creator that you are can dwell

A transparent channel
Through which
The divine light
Of the Father-Mother flows
So you
As an individual
Have now become perfect

And remember that
Individuals make up a nation
And nations a world
Of this purpose of life
And let there be
A perfect world