By Kristian Bediiako

In all games played on the planet, be it football, cricket, tennis or whatever, rules have been laid down which anyone wishing to participate have to follow in order to create harmony, fairness and understanding between the players.

So for example in football, you have rules concerning off side, corners, penalties etc. and all playing football have to follow these rules.

The greatest of all the games played on Earth is the game of life and people have also laid down rules -- political, economical, financial, social and religious -- to govern the game of life and many people have obediently followed these rules without question just like they do in football, cricket, tennis, etc.

However, unlike all the other games, there is a secret which underlies the game of life which has been hidden from many and that secret is:

1 Yes, Life is a game and the secret of life is that one makes up the rules as one goes along.

2 Look past the face in the mirror and see the beauty of God in you.

3 The purpose of life is to come here on Earth and amidst the turmoil and confusion discover the God within and be able to change water into wine and walk over water.


kids feaching water1