By Kristian Bediiako

Are there really “Aliens” on Earth or is it just made up fiction and fantasy?

To answer my own question, let a few truths be known.


How is information given out to people? Information is given out to people through television, newspapers, books, education and, now, the internet and many people will debate and argue on the internet as to the truth or not of what they read and watch, but the majority will not even partake in such debates and will gladly accept as truth whatever they read in newspapers and see on television. So if I want to influence how people think and behave then what is the best way to go about this? Take control of the means of dissemination of information.

First you have to understand that 80% of the news media is owned by 6 companies and the owners of these 6 companies are all one in mind, body and soul, for birds of the same feathers flock together.

Second if you want to destroy an individual in this world, get the publications you owe to paint the most evil picture about this individual, vilify the individual, condemn the individual, paint as nasty a picture of that individual as you can and if you owe 80% of all publications then the task is made even easier because you employ and pay the wages of the minions who carry out your orders and instructions to the letter, regardless of whether what is written is a lie or not, for the ultimate aim is to destroy the integrity of whoever is TELLING THE TRUTH, truth which may lead to the end of their control of the masses.

And these same people who owe all these publications also elect all judges so the fate of whoever you want to destroy is sealed.

These faceless people who keep the TRUTH from the masses also control the police, the military, multinationals, banks and MOST of the politicians we are told to go and vote for!!!

When a few individuals command so much power, very few people are brave enough to speak the TRUTH. Even though a few know what is been written is a pack of lies, they are powerless to do anything about it and the many are oblivious to what is going on around them, could not care less and eagerly wait for their next victim to be destroyed and life is going to shop, the more you can buy the happier life is, the more you can sell then heaven is reached!!!

But who are these faceless people who command so much power?

To understand we have to get out of the box of limitation, fear and hatred which are being made our TRUTH (why this is done is explained below), go beyond the trivial happenings the masses seek and understand the true reason why the Earth is in existence and the TRUE REASON WHY HUMANS ARE ON EARTH before the Earth was hijacked by “aliens,” yes “aliens.”

The aliens among us (and 80% of the publications they owe) will pooh, pooh what I AM writing about and will do their utmost to ensure this TRUTH does not get out to many and do their very best to vilify me as best as they can, this is because the aliens DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW WHO YOU TRULY ARE, A PIECE OF GOD, and will do their utmost to throw you off your true path – DISCOVERY OF THE CREATOR POWER WITHIN YOU, but all Humans will immediately understand this truth or come to understand in time. The aliens already know and understand this truth.

To empower all people of light, the OLD SOULS of this planet, allow me to quote a Great Being of Light:

“Darkness cannot look up to a higher level. A fool doesn't know he is a fool. Listen to me, darkness cannot look up and see light. It's blind to higher purpose. It only sees the strength of dark. It doesn't understand light, so it's not wise and can be defeated. It doesn't understand that it is going to lose. All it can see is itself. It's so obvious, is it not?”

Many people do not know why they are on Earth and many do not care to even find out why they are on Earth.

Surprisingly, over 95% percent of the people on Earth believe in the existence of a super being that they consider as the creator of all that we see. Is this belief originating from the culture people belong to or is this belief inherent in the DNA of 95% of the people on Earth?

To answer this question and that “aliens” have hijacked this planet let us begin at the beginning.


The word Alien is used to describe any entity or life form that does NOT originate from Earth.

There are 2 types of aliens. The first are the Humanoid Aliens.

The Humanoid Aliens are very highly evolved SPIRITUALLY and know about the existence of our Earth and know everything about our Earth.

They are our senior brothers and sisters and are no different from us on Earth, just a little bit taller. They have gone through exactly the same LESSONS that we are now going through on Earth and have gone beyond and reached ASCENSION STATUS. That is, they have discovered and understand the essence of the Creator which lies in their hearts and have reached a state of perfection: NO WARS, NO ILLNESS, NO DISEASE, NO MONEY, NO AGEING and NO DEATH. What they have achieved is what all the Masters who have lived on Earth have tried to teach all of us on Earth.

Because of their understanding of all the SPIRITUAL Laws of the Universe, they will not interfere with our spiritual development and much as they see all the pain and suffering on Earth being carried out by other aliens, they have to leave us for us to work out our own destiny. They have giving us some knowledge to help us in our Spiritual advancement but just sufficient NOT to create a KARMIC bond between them and us.

What this means is that they have made contact with some highly evolved Humans on Earth and giving these people knowledge which has helped us greatly. However, because of their highly evolved understanding of Spiritual Laws they will not take control of Earth and are leaving the people of Earth to spiritually evolve through their own effort.

They have started to make more open contact with us through formation of “CROP CIRCLES,” what one would call their “calling cards.” They have not made open contact because of the ways of those who now control the Earth and they have no desire or wish to alarm the people of Earth and, most important, to destroy one single life on Earth. They understand fully the changes that are going on, on Earth, the NEW ENERGY now enveloping the Earth and when the time is ready they will show themselves to the people of Earth.

Because of the recognition of this power of the Creator within – that is, THE ABILITY TO CREATE FROM THOUGHT, all other aliens will NOT go anywhere near them. These Humanoid “Aliens” are found in the Orion constellation, Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiades. Again, they are making contact with us by leaving their "calling cards" in the form of “Crop Circles.” (PS: The controlled media are doing their best to pooh, pooh these truths and saying crop circles are man-made hoaxes but remember: "A lie can travel half way round the Earth while TRUTH has not even put on its shoes.")

THE SECOND GROUP OF ALIENS - The Non-Humanoid Aliens

The second group of aliens, the non-humanoid aliens (referred to as aliens from now on), do NOT have the Creator essence within them and these are the ones who have hijacked the Earth because they have recognised that the Humanoids on Earth do NOT know the Creator Essence and the incredible power that lies within them. For these aliens initially came on Earth to see if they can acquire this power within Earthlings by abducting some humans and trying to mate with some of us but when they discovered this power was NOT transferrable, they then decided to live this truth: IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, THE ONE EYED MAN IS KING!!!

These aliens also discovered that WORRY and FEAR dissipates the Creator power that lies in the heart of Humans. This is why they have hijacked the educational, media and financial systems and do their utmost to generate as much fear as possible through wars, loans and debt and the monstrous treatment of billions of animals, justifying all these evil behaviour in the name of “freedom” and feeding people. (PS: Notice how the "controlled media," owned by these aliens, do their best to support the energies of FEAR, WORRY and HATRED.)

These aliens are also of flesh but do not look anything like us and can take the form of Humans or any animals as they see fit. They have no emotion and as such cannot laugh and are devoid of any love. To them pain and suffering means absolutely nothing and their cruelty has no limit or bounds.

These second group of aliens first discovered the planet Earth about 20 thousand years ago. However, they would NOT land on Earth because they could see an essence within Humans, reminiscent of the other Humanoids they had encountered in other parts of the Universe and the ability of these Humanoids TO CREATE FROM THOUGHT, that is, the ability to use their thoughts to achieve anything. They beat a hasty retreat. For they knew we had the power to annihilate and disintegrate them just through our thoughts.

However, seven thousand years ago, these aliens returned to Earth and realised that we Humans did NOT even know we had this power. So they very cautiously landed on Earth and discovered more truths about the inhabitants of this incredible planet.

After observation of Humans for a considerable period of time, they realised they could approach humans without worry because the Humans had no clue or understanding of their own power. The aliens also realised that FEAR diminished this power which they could see in the heart of Humans and the GREATER THE FEAR THE LEAST POTENT THE POWER became and this power would in many cases completely disappear.

With this understanding the aliens abducted a few Humans to try and see if they could find out more about this amazing power which Humans had. They carried out all sorts of experiments on those they abducted to see if they could also have this power inherent in Human Beings. But try as they may the power was NOT transferrable. They tried mating with Humans without success.

With this understanding that FEAR diminished this power that the Humans had, the Aliens began their journey of taking complete control of the planet Earth.

Many will ask: why do not aliens have the essence of God within them.


The Original Thought, The Beginner of all that is, in recognising Itself began to think into existence all that we see and know and, since the beginning of “time,” the propagation of LIFE has been all that the Original Thought knows. This is the foundation and beginning of LOVE. The original thought thinks into existence whatever and that which is created continues eternally. The original thought never terminates what it has thought into existence. Changes occur in whatever the Original Thought has created through interaction of one thought of the Original Thought with all the other thoughts of the Original Thought. Whatever the Original Thought thinks into being is LIFE. All life is unending in whatever form it first came from the Original Thought. Again, changes can occur in all Life only through interaction with other thoughts, so all thoughts from the Original Thought continue as they are to eternity unless that thought is acted upon by another thought or a thought interacts with another thought.

Trillions of trillions of thoughts have originated from the Original Thought. The second group of aliens are in existence as one of these thoughts. These aliens do NOT have the spark of the Original Thought within them, what the Christians call “made in the image of God.”

Science is the foundation of all Life and as Humans have come to realise science is a combination of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The interaction of these branches of science is the end result of all that is in existence. The Original Thought is science. Through science, that is, the interaction of all the thoughts of the Original Thought, Life propagates or Life continues or Life changes into other forms. Humanoids are the ONLY thoughts from the Original Thought who have the power to be like the Original Thought, CREATE THROUGH THEIR THOUGHT. The second group of aliens CANNOT do this and can bring into existence ONLY through science and because HUMANS HAVE FORGOTTEN their origins we are following the path of our “masters” – the aliens -- and beginning to learn how to create through science or the interaction of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics which are interactions of thoughts from the Original Thought. HUMANS HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO THEY TRULY ARE!

As stated above, there are four other Humanoids in existence in our galaxy. These are the Orions, the Sirians, the Arcturians and the Pleiadians. The aliens will NOT go anywhere near them simply because these Humanoid Aliens have NOT forgotten who they are – PIECES OF THE ORIGINAL THOUGHT. These Humanoid Aliens create whatever from thought and to them science is a hobby.


Humans came into existence as follows.

The Original Thought is all LOVE. For as stated above, once a thought from the Original Thought comes into being, it exists in its “pure” state unless an interaction occurs between that thought and another. Love is the word for such a state -- a state where no destruction exists and the continued existence and survival of a thought to eternity is allowed. From this state of Love comes the question: “What happens when there is no Love?”

Earth is the answer to this question.


The “God” that 95% of the people on Earth believe in is A GOD OF LOVE. GOD IS BIASED IN LOVE, that is, God knows nothing else but LOVE. It is all LOVE and nothing else. So what exist outside LOVE? What happens in a situation where there is no LOVE?

THE ANSWER IS EARTH!!! Earth came into existence in order to answer this question of “what happens in a situation where there is no LOVE?”

The scriptures are not lying when it states Humans are made in the image of God. This is absolute TRUTH.

Every single Human Being is a part of God or let me put this statement in other words: Every single Human Being on Earth is an Angel with the ability to achieve anything and we all volunteered to come on Earth in order to answer the question of what happens when there is no LOVE!!!


In conversations with many friends and relatives, the topic of “why are we on Earth” usually comes up so to begin to answer this question and get an understanding from my point of view please read a transcript of a conversation I had with A. K Oabi.

This hopefully will lay the foundation to a greater understanding not only of this topic of why all Human Beings are on Earth but also give the reader an understanding of what follows and an understanding of many of my articles and also lay the foundation of answering the question as to why aliens are on Earth:


Oabi: Hi Kristian!

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: How are things?

Oabi: I am feeling well but money matters are not looking so good.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Great to hear you are feeling better. What's the problem then money wise?

Oabi: Money is not coming in, just going out, one bill after the other. Not able to buy the things I need.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: I very well understand and this is exactly why we are on Mother Earth -- TO FREE OURSELVES FROM THE SLAVERY THAT HAS BEEN MADE OUR TRUTH. Those who know the TRUE REASON WHY WE ARE HERE on Mother Earth have done their best to keep the TRUTH from all of us all because of profit, in this way they hold the reigns of power over us and we are kept like slaves to work for them.

The way they have done this is very, very simple. You have been made to believe that life is about going to school, passing exams and going out and getting a job, being a law abiding member of society, and with a job you can buy what you want, pay all your bills, grow old and die.

Oabi: With a job I cannot pay all my bills. The money one gets with a job is just enough to pay taxes and bills and food.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: That is exactly what those who control this planet want because in this way you have no time to learn about the true purpose of life which is TO DISCOVER THE GOD THAT LIES IN YOUR HEART.

By making you concentrate all your effort on keeping yourself just above the poverty line you do not have the time to break away and become the free person we are supposed to be.

The position you find yourself in is exactly where THEY want you to be and there are billions like you and that included me till NOW.

For you to really understand, or put in another way, the purpose of life has now been reduced to BUYING and the more you can buy the happier you are supposed to be.

Oabi: Ok interesting so how does this work to stop me buying? Not understanding it so well.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: First I want you to understand what is happening on Mother Earth and once you understand what is being done to you and the other billions then I shall explain how you can free yourself from this slavery.

Oabi: Ok

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Please understand that there is nothing wrong with buying. For the direction we have all been made to take and we are all taken in this life is all about buying and, therefore, survival in this present existence without buying is nigh on impossible.

This is what has been created for us and the way in which we have all been brought up. A different system could have been created which was not based on buying and selling but, sadly, those who came before you decided to take advantage of the ignorant and have as such created this situation which benefits them and sadly hurts everyone else who came later.

NOW ALL IS CHANGING and since 1987, THERE HAS BEEN GREAT CHANGE, VERY GREAT CHANGE. This change means that we have to abandon all that we have been taught to accept as our TRUTH and accept totally new ideas which many will call MADNESS but only SANITY can come out of madness.

Oabi: What are these new ideas?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: I shall come to them in a moment. Let me ask you this question: "Do you really believe the purpose of life is to come to this planet, get a job, pay taxes and pay bills?"

Oabi: No! I do not feel that that is right.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Great!!! Then let me put another TRUTH to you.

Every single human being on this planet is an ANGEL.

Oabi: So why are we all working and are not able to find ourselves in better ways of life. Why all this confusion?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Patience my dearest Angel, I shall explain in a moment.


Oabi: Ok.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: GREAT!! Next most important statement: The SOURCE from which we all came from, that BEING we have called GOD, IS BIASED IN LOVE. What this means is that GOD ONLY KNOWS ONE THING -- LOVE. FOR ALL THAT GOD IS, IS LOVE, NOTHING ELSE. So what happens when LOVE IS TAKEN AWAY?

Oabi: No love, hate?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: You are beginning to understand but in order to get a full understanding I shall continue.

Angels are like GOD, they are the messengers of GOD and as they are all pieces of GOD they have all the qualities of GOD. THEY also ONLY KNOW LOVE AND NOTHING ELSE.


Oabi: So we are here in an experiment?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Precisely, an experiment of the utmost importance to the Universe, the experiment was to take the following form: Angels are to create Earth and take embodiment on Earth and, in the process, they are to forget who they truly are, that is, pieces of God and see if they can rediscover their true self and in the process of discovering who they truly are, how are these Angels going to behave?

And guess what, Oabi, when the call went out guess who volunteered? YOU VOLUNTEERED, I volunteered, Sharon volunteered, Sis, John, Mum, Dad, EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET VOLUNTEERED TO BE A PART OF THIS EXPERIENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GOD PART OF AN ANGEL IS TAKEN AWAY and the Angel does NOT know she or he is a part of God!!!

Yes, we are all here as part of the experiment as to what happens when the power of an Angel is taking away and the Angel does not know itself. The end result is the chaos, confusion, disorder, corruption, dishonesty, greed, hatred, killings, murder and mayhem going on, on Mother Earth.

Hope you understand so far?

Oabi: Yes. So, if that is so then nothing really matters. So what happens when you know this truth? How long do we have to keep on this experiment?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Sorry but a lot matters and in order to answer your questions I shall continue. So we all volunteered to be a part of the experiment. So with the infinite power within us, 4 billion years ago, we all created the Earth in order for this experiment to take place and so on the completion of the making of Mother Earth, the first Angels were sent here to take charge of the planet upon which existed all knowledge existing in all the 12 universes of GOD. And so began the so-called fall of man as foretold in the bible.

For the first arrivals, and this includes every human being on the planet or who has ever been on the planet, came back and forth to prepare the way for the experiment and in the billions of years that it took to prepare everything, the first arrivals began to forget who they were.

As caretakers of the new planet stored with all knowledge in all of the 12 universes of GOD, they committed the fatal crime of the greatest of all LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE -- THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

Since they were of a higher vibration, the only way they could touch and feel and smell a flower was to lower their vibration to that of the flower and in the billions of years some spent on Earth, some began to loose their power of returning back to their norm. The end result was that ultimately some did not want to return to their true self and completely lost their ability to return to their true self.

Then the greatest of crime was committed when some took upon themselves to take a bite of the proverbial apple and as a result they had to make compensation to another Universal Law, the LAW OF KARMA.

Oabi: So within the experiment came also confusion.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: No within the experiment the answer to what happens when an Angel forgets who she or he is began to unravel, for what you call confusion above is what happens when an Angel forgets he or she is an Angel.

These first Angels reached a state of such low vibration that they almost ceased to exist and birth and death were introduced in order to enable them to return Home. However, having created such havoc and mayhem and having broken practically every single law governing the Universe, each angel had to return to Mother earth in order to make amends for their "crime" (what many call reincarnation and KARMA) and so billions of years later, we find ourselves where we are today.

Oabi: Humans have created a mirror of pure confusion. How do we clean up?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Again we had gotten so bad that this planet was suppose to come to an end in the year 2000 (see the predictions of all the seers gone by) but from the early part of 1900 a great many decided to come back on Earth and return us back to our TRUE self and purpose and these humans worked hard to repair millions of years of mayhem. By the 19 sixties more and more Angels had returned determined to make amends for their past mistakes and in 1987 a final decision was taken by billions consciously and, unconsciously, on the astral plane to definitely return to their TRUE SELF (The Harmonic Convergence).

The end result of the work of these so-called Lightworkers was that the extermination of this planet in 2000 was stopped and by 1987 a NEW BEGINNING had started on Earth.

It is a known fact to those of us into the esoteric that a huge asteroid was on a collision course with the Earth. This fact was known to the governments of the so-called developed world who were looking for ways to destroy this asteroid including sending atomic and nuclear bombs to try and destroy this asteroid. In 1997 this asteroid “mysteriously” broke up into tiny pieces.

Again for those of us who have followed this NEW BEGINNING and, therefore, accept the UNSEEN as a part of life, it is a known fact that millions of space ships (from the other Humanoid planets) were in attendance to evacuate those who were not terrified to board but this is another story for another time.

Oabi: As a matter of interest why did the asteroid break up?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Let us imagine a scenario on Earth. Imagine school inspectors make an inspection of a school and decide that the school is so bad that it has to be shut down. The forward looking teachers, parents and students then come together and decide they will do everything in their power to stop the school from being shut down and through their hard work, effort and dedication the authorities return to find a completely transformed school which they now find impossible to close down.

The same with the Earth, the few Lightworkers who took upon themselves to bring about change had done such a brilliant job that the Hierarchy, the invisible government of the Universe, took the decision to let the Earth and its people live. The asteroid was therefore destroyed.

One can see that the predictions of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Book of Revelations and others were not false. They based their predictions on energies we were creating on Earth but through the efforts of a very few these energies were changed and a NEW BEGINNING was started.

So what is this NEW BEGINNING?

Oabi: To know who you truly are which is that you are an Angel and that you came to Earth to take part in an experiment and what more?

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Great, you are beginning to understand very well. First understand our mistakes that we have allowed others to run this life for us. That the true purpose of life, even though it has been at the forefront of our minds has been shoved aside rather replacing it with the limiting belief that life is about going to school, getting a job, being “a good Christian,” abiding by the rules of society which favours only those with money, buying a house, getting yourself a partner, growing old and dying. In between all this are the struggles of eking out an existence on poor wages, eating as much food, drinking as much as you can of alcohol and beverages (which are all totally unnecessary), watching TV, reading magazines and papers (again all totally unnecessary), falling ill and going out to wave at celebrities, all supposedly being part of the purpose of life.






So how do you allow all these new TRUTHS to come into your life and to you?

First you have to get rid of all the limiting beliefs that have been sown in your life since childhood by friends, relatives, teachers, books, magazines, television and, especially, by religious organisations.

Oabi: How do you get rid of these beliefs?


Oabi: I put them into the violet flame

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: Not only that but you have to call upon your Higher Self, The Family, The Ascended Masters and all others who have your interest at heart to assist you.

Oabi: This I did not know? Thank you for all this it is more than food for the soul or truth that sets you free thank you, please remind me again.

KRISTIAN BEDIIAKO: What I AM going to do is show you exactly what I have done for myself, have a look at it amend it to suit your self, but remember, Oabi, for all this to work you have to practice it as regularly as possible AND DO NOT DOUBT. You have to suspend all that you have grown up with and adopt a completely new TRUTH. To go beyond the limitation that has been made your truth read the article: A BRIEF OUTLINE OF CHANGE ON EARTH. It is a long article but I have done my best to keep it as brief as possible and contains the most important information to give an understanding of the NEW ENERGY on Mother Earth and how to transform yourself.

Also, I AM sharing this information with you because as the greatest of Teachers taught: “Where two or more are gathered in my name that is where I reside.” So if you can succeed, I can succeed, a few more can succeed then, exponentially, the ability for FREEDOM to come to humanity and achieving PEACE ON EARTH can be reached in this incarnation.



Now back to our “temporary masters,” the aliens.

The aliens on discovering that we had no clue about the incredible power we possessed decided to take control of Earth.

What they realised was that if they decided to attack Humans on a large scale, the majority of Humans became very brave, because any threat to a group increased their ability to summon this power they knew nothing about, so what they did was to first make contact with those who were our leaders.

Sadly, throughout the ages, most leaders have been very vain and anything that can increase their ability to rule and control those they lead is highly welcomed. The aliens recognised this truth and they used it to perfection, divulging to those in power ideas that enabled leaders to be able to gain even greater power.

The aliens as stated above also realised the fact that FEAR diminished this power within Humans and for 5000 years to the present day have encourage most leaders to wage as many wars as possible. Through war people become frightened further diminishing the CREATOR POWER.

So what first started out as “aliens wanting to be like Humans” has now turned out to be aliens wanting, desiring and wishing for total and complete control of Humans on Earth. The aliens have infiltrated every position of power -- religious, educational, media, financial, governments, judicial, military, multinationals, police, etc.

They look for people lacking any Spiritual values and those of the most debased values possible to be in positions of command and control these evil and psychopathic Humans to do their bidding.

The “aliens” have so completely thrown us off our true path, through debt, that almost all Humans have forgotten why they came on Earth in the first place.

The emphasis is on pointless irrelevancies – sitting in front of a television screen watching pointless and irrelevant soaps and pointless violent films and being bombarded with FEAR and ANGER, all greatly enhanced by their owned newspapers and magazines churning out more drivel and FEAR based news -- with the aim of stopping all Humans from recognising their TRUE POWER, THE GOD WITHIN ALL HUMANS’ HEART.

Wake up Humans! Wake up! Wake up from this foolishness that has been made your truth that life is all about buying and selling. IT IS NOT.

For all you Human Beings who have forgotten your origins just remember this very potent TRUTH:


When Human Beings recognise and accept this TRUTH and PRACTICE this truth then the aliens will beat a hasty retreat from Earth and we can continue with the true reason why we reincarnated on Mother Earth and finish our true work – TO BRING PEACE ON MOTHER EARTH and raise Mother Earth to ascension status. IT IS TIME WE HUMANS CLAIMED OUR POWER BACK -- THE DIVINITY WITHIN!!

It is very easy to tell the difference between a Human Being, a human being under the control of the aliens and an alien.

Aliens and those they control will seek power  NOT to serve the highest good of humanity but to control, divide, destroy, kill and maim. They are great adepts at what some indigenous people of the Earth have called “speaking with forked tongues.” That is they can hold a sacred book in one hand while stabbing you with a knife in the other hand. Aliens have no soul, no compassion and no love. Aliens have no emotion and this is the power within humans they most crave. This is the primary reason aliens came on Earth in the first place, to see if they can also acquire the powers which Humans possess.

Aliens will look for the most depraved humans, lacking any respectability and integrity to be their spokes person and to hold most positions of leadership, power or control and, with the promise of riches and wealth, many humans will sacrifice, abuse and misuse their brothers and sisters without thought of the pain and suffering and consequences of their greed and thoughtlessness.

Aliens are very highly advanced scientifically, especially in the art of using machines, but whatever the aliens can do with machines Humans can surpass them with THOUGHT. One prime reason they have taken over our educational system is to basically throw Humans off their TRUE PATH which is the DISCOVERY OF THE CREATOR ESSENCE WITHIN, rather replacing it with competition, competition and competition or Humans trampling over each other.

As well as creating FEAR through wars, money has also been introduced into our lives in order to create debt which comes with all its worries and further control of Human Beings.


As is usual, many people will ask: “How did you come about this truth?”

There are many evolved souls who have returned to Earth who have tried to teach Humans to awaken to the TRUE POWER which lies within each and every single Human on Earth, but the alien agenda has been to either eliminate these evolved souls or to misinterpret and hide the true meaning and understanding behind the teachings of these great Teachers.

How many people reading this article have heard the saying: “Seek and thou shall find, ask and thou shall be giving?” And what do you think is the meaning behind this saying? What does one have to seek and what is it that one has to find?

What one has to seek is THE GOD WITHIN and what one will find is the absolute POWER which lie within you – the ability to turn water into wine, the ability to walk over water, the ability to create anything from nothing, the ability to understand the phrase MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

No one comes on Earth without spiritual help from the Creator. As such, every single human being has at least 2 invisible guides (many more). Because this planet is the only planet in the Universe with “free choice,” that is, we are allowed to do whatever we like, by spiritual law, the folks back Home are not permitted to interfere in whatever we are doing without one asking. So one might even be contemplating ending one’s life because of what one might consider as an insurmountable problem, however, the solution to your insurmountable problem is ALWAYS known to one’s Higher Self and Guides but because of the spiritual laws surrounding the game of life, one’s Higher Self and Guides will NOT interfere until ONE ASKS FOR HELP!

So regarding myself, troubled by what was happening around me, I ASKED FOR ANSWERS and what you have read are some of the answers I received. This is what in the esoteric world is known as “channelling.” Many will doubt the efficacy of this statement but the only way to test it is for you, the reader, to try it.

Again many will say, “How do you know you are not making it up?”

Many people in their belief of a God will pray to God in their hour of need but if one prays to God how does one receive an answer? MEDITATE.

Meditation is not an art which is difficult. Prayer is asking, meditation is LISTENING and getting the answer to what you have asked for. Ask for whatever you want, find a quiet place, sit down quietly and you will be amazed what will come into your mind. Mind is the total sum of what one thinks.

The first thought that comes into your mind is the TRUE answer to whatever you have asked for. That answer will NOT be an answer that will cause harm to you or any other body. If it is an answer which causes harm then it is YOU MAKING IT UP. Remember when you ask any such question you are going back to Source who is all LOVE. So only an answer which embodies LOVE is the true answer.

Take the first thought coming into your mind as your answer, any other thought which does not enhance the first thought is your intellect coming into play and reject it. With practice you will be amazed what you will be able to achieve.

Don’t forget, ALL THE HOLY BOOKS ON EARTH WERE ALL CHANNELLED and GOD HAS NO FAVOURITES!!! You are just as likely to receive messages from God as anyone else and the message will be pure the more you vibrate at the vibration of LOVE, that is, you have no evil tendencies.


So where do Aliens fit in all that has been written above?

There are in excess of 1,500,000 inhabited planets in our galaxy. Every single star seen in the night sky is exactly the same as the Sun we see on Earth.

The arrogance of some scientists to believe with the countless number of Suns in existence life can only exist on Earth begets understanding! How can any so-called educated Human Being have such shallow and illogical thinking and assume life only exists on Earth, a speck of dust in this massive galaxy?

Scientists have to move beyond their limited thinking of if you cannot see it then it doesn’t exist and also move away from their LINEAR thinking and into a QUANTUM (multidimensional) state of thinking. Logic must be combined with spiritual common sense for after all GOD IS SCIENCE.

Can one see radio waves? Can one see television waves? Yet they all existed before the necessary equipment was devised to prove they exist. Imagine talking about such 300 or 400 years ago, one would have been classed as a witch and burnt at the stake. But remember that there were civilisations that existed before this present age who knew of the existence of other planets without all the modern technological paraphernalia. Humans are loosing the plot!

Most inhabited planets have 2 Suns. It is only the Earth that has one Sun to make it more difficult for all other inhabited planets to find us, so we can get on with the Experiment. This is why the Earth has been in existence for over 4 billion years and aliens found out about us only 20,000 years ago. Of the 1,500,000 inhabited planets in our galaxy only 4 have Humanoids just like us. The only difference between us and them are that they are a little taller than us and VERY SOON THEY WILL MAKE THEMSELVES VISIBLE TO US, once sufficient numbers of us begin accepting the truth that WE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, begin accepting this truth and BEGIN LIVING THIS TRUTH

The CRITICAL MASS, the HUNDRETH MONKEY PHENOMENON, is almost upon us, that is why the aliens are doing their utmost to stop this by generating as much fear as possible through all the wars they are starting all over the Earth but always have in mind:



1 arcturus 6







If you want to influence

how people think and behave

then take control of the means of

dissemination of information








2 arcturus 7




And those who do suspect

the truth are reluctant

to publish it for fear of ridicule







3 arcturus 5






The purpose of life

is to come on Earth

and be part of this grand experiment












You and I came on Earth









5 arcturus 3





With peace comes UNITY

and when we are all united as one,

yet with the freedom to be individuals,

then only JOY can follow






6 arcturus 1





And with the discovery

of the God within

The wars and the sorrows

Are now waters under a bridge





7 arcturus 4





When you get annoyed and angry

You lower the protective field

that surrounds you

Then accidents happen






8 arcturian





We the peaceful people

and light bearers on Mother Earth

have a tendency of

given our power to the dark forces

through worry and FEAR





9 serpent
















10 eastfield august 2008 alton barnes crop circle1q

















11 August Crop Circle

















12 Crop Circle at Ufton, near Southam, Warwickshire  25th June 2010


















13 butterfly


















14 CropCircle-2012-Mayan-Wheel-Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, 2-3 August 2004


















15 CC4


















16 Crop Circle Mayan 2012 Waylands Smithy, Oxfordshire, 9th August 2005
















17 windmill-hill-1024x731
















18 sugar-hill