In my journey through life, great epiphanies have come to a man. After years of servitude to others, I have come to the understanding that life is NOT about being born and being fed and brought up by your parents, life is NOT about going to school to pass examinations so one can get a well-paid job, life is NOT about finding a partner, life is NOT about eating and drinking as much alcohol as possible, watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, life is NOT about going to a place of worship to be told off by men in fanciful clothing and life is DEFINITELY NOT about going out to wave at so-called celebrities and then dying. Yes, I have come to an understanding beyond this limiting “culture” of society regarding life.

For those who do not know, life is a holiday where some walk through life oblivious of all that is going

on around them and believing life is about buying one and getting one free and, for others, life is a place where all the other inhabited planets in the Universe send their lunatics for them to continue their lunatic behaviour of control, greed, corruption, bribery and wars.

For those who know, life is about coming on Mother Earth to discover the God within and helping to raise the vibration of the planet to ASCENSION STATUS.

These writings of mine are being shared to assist as many as possible, hopefully, to come to a similar understanding of life as I have – PEACE ON EARTH.

Please enjoy as they appear and YOU ARE DEARLY AND IMMEASURABLY LOVED.